Turning Green to Gold

Recently, Sustainable Leadership held a mingle on the theme of "Turning Green to Gold".

A panel discussion was held in which facilitator Stuart Pledger, CEO of Sustainable Leadership Laboratory asked the panel to give examples illustrating their own successes within the green business sector.

Stuart Pledger presented a case of the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico a city in the American Southwest which is passing laws to reduce its GHG emissions by 50% to the year 2030 installing solar panels on municiple buildings, reviving a dead river and training its citizens to take on Green-collar jobs such as building wind and solar power stations.

Other examples of golden opportunities seized which came from our panel of expert practitioners were;

Christopher Dunnett, American Embassy in Stockholm
-The Ambassadors List of Selected Swedish Clean Tech Companys being promoted in the USA

Otto Drakenberg, CEO Carlsberg Sweden
-The company´s reduction of water and energy use plus Co2 emissions by 1/3 since 2003.

Nina Ekelund, Director Businss Leaders against Climate Change
-Help business leaders create programs to motivate employees

Hans Hassle, CEO Sweko Plantagon - A verticle industrial greenhouse.

-Winning the Globe Forum Innovation Award and Connecting with Cities working for a green change

Conclusions from the evening were;
Many of our organizations are well on the way to becoming eco-efficient. Sweden has many exciting new Eco-Innovations which will create green-collar jobs for people in Sweden and the USA.

It all starts with leaders in politics and organizations adopting a green mindset and valueset.

This mindset will actually help them to see the golden opportunities hidden in the interdependent relationships which exist between people´s wellbeing a healthy, living planet and a good profit!